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Co2 Laser Cutting Machine 1325

Brand : Leapion

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 15 days

Supply capacity : 80 sets / month

1. Red light pointer 2. Human friendly software 3. Talent Controller RD CAM 4. Safety Tunneled Mirrors & Lens 5. Feeding extra long material door

Product Application:

1. Red light pointer 
2. Human friendly software 
3. Talent Controller RD CAM 
4. Safety Tunneled Mirrors & Lens 
5. Feeding extra long material door 
6. RECI Co2 Laser Tube, '8000 Working Hours, other standard tubes last 800-1000 Working Hours 
(RECI Is The Best Laser Tube In The Market) 
7. Components & Parts also from Taiwan for better Accuracy and Smoothness 
8. Co2 Filtered Glass on the Door 
9. Bigger & Silent Extraction Fan and Tube 
10. Air pump or Air compressor 
11. Import Focus Lens 
12. Updated software, compliable with all Windows Systems. 
13. More stable step motors 

Details picture:

double head working table

mortherboard and details

Main Features:

1. Import guide rail: Taiwan import guide rail, running smoothly.
2. Chinese and English operation interface: interface between Chinese and English is easy to switch and operate;
3. High precision and high speed: adopt the step subdivision drive control, with quick engraving speed, high precision, and smooth cutting slant and arc.
4. High quality power supply and laser tube: high quality laser power supply and laser tube, ensure super strength cutting;
5, high-power suction fan and cooling machine, equipped with high-power exhauster, guarantee work without odour, forced water-cooling protection system (cooler) maximum protection of the laser tube from being damaged, greatly improve the service life of laser tube.
6. Support multiple mapping software: professional lasercut software, support CAD, coreldraw direct output. The software is easy to understand and easy to understand.
7. Cost saving for offline use: independent control system, which does not take up computer data, supports online offline work, or directly reads the output of U disk.
8. Professional and efficient optical lenses: equipped with high quality optical lenses, the optical performance is greatly improved, the lenses reflect well, and the durable service life is long;
9. Low failure rate: the internal line screen is perfect, anti-interference, strong signal and low failure rate.
10. The fuselage structure is perfect: the unique machine structure is combined with the perfect circuit to make the overall performance of the machine more stable.
11. The whole plate can be operated: the front and rear baffles can be opened, and the material can be moved back and forth to facilitate the operation of the whole plate.

Laser engraver samples Showcase:


Laser engraver after sale services:

#2 years guarantee of the whole machine except some consumable parts, laser tube 10 months.

#Free training at our factory.

#24 hours online services through TM, Skype, MSN, Email or on the phone.

#Engineers available for overseas training and after-sale services.

#Contact me at any time if you have any questions about the machine.



Company information:

Leapion in laser machine business since 2007, we are a global manufacturing company producing Laser engravers, laser markers,

CNC Router, UV inkjet printers for various applications such as signage, advertising, Woodworking furniture. 
Leapion Laser is becoming the word's TOP  in the laser engraving, cutting and marking industry. We are innovators. We are problem solvers. 

We are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality laser systems and cnc router machine.
Leapion original concept was to bring CO2 laser engraving systems to both commercial customers, small business owners and the home craftsman. 

Over the years we developed larger, more powerful CO2 laser systems and fiber laser cutting and marking machine. 

Leapion Factory


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