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Laser cutting is a high-energy, density-controlled, contactless process

Laser cutting is a high-energy, density-controlled, contactless process

The laser beam is focused to form a very small point of action with very strong energy, and its application to cutting has many features. First, the laser light energy is converted into amazing heat energy that is kept in a very small area and is available


(1) narrow straight edge slitting;


(2) the smallest heat affected zone adjacent to the trim;


(3) Minimal local deformation.


Secondly, the laser beam does not exert any force on the workpiece, it is a contactless cutting tool, which means


(1) The workpiece has no mechanical deformation;


(2) There is no tool wear, and there is no problem with the conversion of the tool;


(3) The cutting material does not need to consider its hardness, that is, the laser cutting ability is not affected by the hardness of the material to be cut, and any hardness material can be cut.




Again, the laser beam is highly controllable and has high adaptability and flexibility, thus


(1) It is convenient to combine with automation equipment, and it is easy to automate the cutting process;


(2) Since there is no restriction on cutting the workpiece, the laser beam has an infinite profiling capability;


(3) Combined with the computer, the whole board can be discharged and the material can be saved.

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