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Laser cutting machine using a standard laser

Laser cutting machine using a standard laser

Laser cutting machine using a standard laser
With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the requirements for the quality and precision of cutting have been continuously improved, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and having high-efficiency automatic cutting functions are also increasing. As a part of the cutting machine industry, the products we provide will be the most modern and technological. Welcome everyone to discuss cooperation. Details:/ 
The laser is an important part of the laser cutting machine. Proper use of the laser can extend the life of the equipment and improve the quality of the product. The following is the use of laser specifications: 
1. Make sure that the laser power comes from the 鈥渞egulated鈥?output of the regulated power supply. 
2, to ensure the laser gas quality. 
3. When replacing the gas bottle, clean the bottle mouth first, and then open the gas to blow off the debris in the bottle mouth. 
4. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the front window of the laser, ordinary nitrogen is used instead of compressed air as a protective gas. High purity nitrogen (99.999%) is used as a shielding gas for the laser. 
5, to ensure reliable and stable cooling system operation, its temperature, pressure, flow to meet the requirements of the laser, so as to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the laser. (China Cutting Machine Trading Network) 
6. Do not open the lid to run the laser to ensure safety. 
7. Build a small room for the laser, isolate it from the outside world, ensure dust removal, install air-conditioning in the room, cool and dehumidify, and ensure that the ambient temperature and humidity are below the dew point. 
8. When opening the door to inspect the laser, ensure that the high voltage power supply is disconnected and locked. Before touching a live device, ensure that the high voltage is discharged to ground. 
9, according to the state of the laser set air consumption, increase gas consumption, can improve the laser quality, but will increase operating costs. 
10. Observe the flow rate, pressure, water temperature, laser discharge current, turbine temperature, and sound regularly. 
11. Periodically inspect the laser. 

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